This list has been designed to assist you during the creation of a learning resource. You will need to use your own judgement about what is or isn’t appropriate, as this will change depending on your particular context.

  • Created using accessible checklists for Word and PowerPoint.
  • Use Microsoft Accessibility Checker to review the document.
  • Saved using method, which converts accessibility features added during creation. (ensure Document structure tags for accessibility is checked)
  • Document structure is accurately replicated in the naviagtion pane.
  • Reading order is logical.
  • Images, tables, charts and graphs have alternative text.

Adobe Reader

You can use Adobe Reader to find out if your PDF document is correctly tagged and structured. People using screen readers need these to be able to access your document.

Go to ‘Edit’ then ‘Accessibility’ and select ‘Quick check’. To fix any issues, you’ll need to either fix the original document in Word or use Adobe Acrobat Pro.

Adobe Acrobat Pro

Follow Adobe’s instructions on using Acrobat Pro to check if your PDF is accessible.

The PDF should pass the full check for WCAG Level AA without any warnings.

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