MS Forms

We recommend MS Forms as the easiest option for collecting survey data. This is part of Office 365 and available to anyone at the University. MS Forms help page is here.


Limesurvey is regularly audited and data is deleted. You must ensure that you keep your data outside of Limesurvey to prevent your data from being deleted during an audit.

Students must get permission from their supervisor for an account. If your survey uses only simple questions like choice or short or long answer then use MS Forms.

For a Limesurvey account, you need to get your tutor’s permission. Students use this form to request access.

Staff should also consider using MS Forms for simple surveys. For more complex survey types, please apply for an account.

The University requires staff and students that want to use this service to store their survey data after completion of the project in a secure and sustainable manner. You will be expected to comply with the University’s data protection and GDPR policies

Poll Everywhere

Information about PollEverywhere

Apply for a PollEverywhere account


If you want further guidance on GDPR please contact IT Services. Our Data Protection Officer (DPO) is James Eaglesfield on (01332) 591762. Our Deputy DPO is Helen
Rishworth on (01332) 591954. Alternatively you can email Further information on how we handle your information can be found here on our website –