Guidance on how to transition to Remote Learning

An email sent to Academic staff (Friday 13th March) emphasises the requirements to ensure that our existing digital learning provision is of a consistent high quality.

We now need to build upon this to enable continuity in our delivery where possible. College management teams will need to identify where this is not possible and put in place the necessary mitigations 

Academic teams will decide on the appropriate adaptions to teaching and learning activities to best support students to learn remotely. The following are the advised minimum requirements to facilitate remote learning during this period.

  • Use Announcements in Blackboard to inform students of the adaptions youare making and ensure the module information is updated accordingly. 
  • Record all lectures via Panopto, notifying students when new material is available.
  • Host Webinars where students can participate remotely. These can be used for tutorials or office hours. Students will need to be informed of expectations on participation. 
  • Setup a Discussion board, Padlet notice board (linked in Blackboard) or use an existing MS Teams site to facilitate student and staff interactions. 

For full guidance on how to implement the requirements, please refer to our guide on Transitioning to Remote Delivery and our FAQs

Teaching and Learning Support

Extended guidance from our Pedgagogic Practice is available. This a summary of ideas drawn from some of the TEL-related literature and current online fora, the expertise within CELT and UDOL, as well as recent discussions with colleagues from across the University. Please do feel free to share ideas about how this document might be revised and developed further.

Remote Assessment

To support any changes that are required to assessments, we have created some guidance that may help you in altering assessments so that they can be undertaken by students in their home environment.

We understand there are lots of issues to consider, so please get in touch if you would like a conversation with our team and we can offer advice and support.

Staff Development

To support the transition to remote delivery, CELT are providing a full programme of DELTA: Digital training sessions. This offering includes advanced sessions from UDOL providing their expertise and experience in online learning. In addition, we have compiled details of external training, resources and opportunities that are available.

UDOL have also developed an acreddited short course which provides an introduction to how to teach remotely.

Personal Academic Tutorials

Personal Academic Tutorials are going to be a vital link for students during the period of online learning that begins on Wednesday 18th March.  Many students may feel unsure about a new process of learning in an online environment, so the tools are unfamiliar as well as the experience of learning remotely. The opportunity to still have a conversation with their Personal Academic Tutorial may be critical for some students to have a conversation about managing their learning during this time. Here’s our advice for managing tutorials over the coming weeks.

Additional Tools

If you would like to enhance your remote delivery, then Blackboard is one of just the tools available. The University offers cloud storage, online collaboration, web conferencing, lecture recording, ePortfolios, online video editing as well as on-demand TV and radio. Take a look at our complete list of tools that are available.


There are resources to support the diverse needs of your learners.

Getting Help