College leadership teams

Please make sure that every student has been allocated a Personal Academic Tutor.  At recent Student Forums held by the Union of Students it became clear that not all students believe they have a  Personal Academic Tutor, and they are relying on their programme leader to operate as a PAT.

Personal Academic Tutors

Practical information to tutees

  1. It is vital that all students know who their Personal Academic Tutor is. Even if they have not accessed a tutorial with you earlier this year, please contact your tutees by 27th March to let them know when you will be available for their next tutorial and that these will be held remotely.
  2. You also need to let students know what platform to use for their tutorials. This will be either Collaborate Ultra or Teams, depending on which you prefer to use.
  3. Let students know how to book a PAT time with you, and please make sure this is confirmed with a Calendar appointment booking or a Teams meeting appointment.

What to discuss during PATs at this time?

As always, the conversation should focus on the student’s academic work and progress. However, it is likely that issues around Coronavirus are likely to be raised as impacting on students’ abilities to work at this time. There are also likely to be questions raised about access to materials and teaching in the online environment.

Where possible, try to focus the student on their academic priorities, which will be:

  • how their academic studies are progressing while working at home;
  • the extent to which they are comfortable with accessing the online learning resources;
  • whether they understand what will now be required in terms of assessment on each module;
  • how to access the wellbeing and support services while away from campus.

Please ensure you keep appropriate notes on the Academic Workspace for each remote PAT.

We have prepared a specific PowerPoint to support your next online tutorial. Further resources are available to support these conversations via the CELT Intranet pages. The main focus is on making sure students are able to continue to work as best as possible, that they feel in control of the learning process and how to access materials, can make the best possible use of their time, and that they know to inform their College Student Centre if they are worried about the impact on their studies.

How to Deliver a remote PAT session

  • We would recommend setting up a meeting via Blackboard Collaborate or MS Teams. Pick an option that both you and your students are comformtable with.
  • Plan and prepare for your online tutorial in the same manner as you would for a face to face meeting. 
  • Guidance on the technology is avilable for students via the a module in Blackboard called Student Guide to Course Resources 
  • Continue to log the PAT session in Academic Workspace.