Broadcast media has been used within learning for decades, either specifically produced educational television and radio programmes or clips sourced by a teacher to support classroom or other teaching activities.

Within Higher Education, broadcast media has many uses; either to deliver content or to be used for critical analysis in subject areas like Sociology, Media Studies or Business.

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Why would I use broadcast media?

Broadcast media can be used to:

Promote active learning – Make available recently aired television or radio programmes to give your students access to the most up-to-date developments in your subject area.

Inspire and engage learners – Provide programmes or clips for students to watch and analyse in the classroom to facilitate engagement and further questioning about key issues and topics.

Implement a flipped-classroom approach – Share a programme or clip for students to watch prior to a session, then discuss further online or in the classroom, to enable independent learning or peer-assisted learning through creating collaborative learning groups.

Create authentic learning opportunities – Use broadcast material to set the context for a topic, to encourage deeper learning by applying this learning to real-world scenarios.

Facilitate student-contributed content – Encourage your students to search an archive of broadcast media and share relevant content with fellow students to support and reinforce their learning.

How would I use broadcast media?

On demand broadcast media is more accessible than ever, as most TV and radio stations have an online catch-up service, for example BBC iPlayer. However, this content is usually only available for 7-30 days, features advertising or involves licensing or subscription costs.

The University subscribes to a specific educational service called BoB, which provides staff and HE students with an archive of over one million TV and Radio programmes that can be shared, clipped or embedded into Course Resources.

Learning on Screen’s on-demand “BoB” service

BoB provides a recording service similar to iPlayer or other broadcast catchup services. However, programmes that you record are available for use in an archive which you can then use to embed into Course Resources, or link to in emails and so forth.

How do I access it?

Watch the help video here.

Note – BoB is only available to students in the UK, due to the terms and conditions of the ERA licence (which enables recording of broadcast TV and radio for educational purposes), as detailed in BoB’s terms and conditions.

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Using BoB by Chris Wilmott

Chris Wilmott at Leicester University has created a series of videos demonstrating how to get the best out of BoB.

Unlocking the potential of TV and radio broadcasts in education

Using the search tool

Making clips

Adding clips to your playlists