NOTE – Due to COVID-19 the Assessment Extension Process has been temporarily extended. Students should submit via the submission points in their modules. 

The Assessment Extension process has been setup to support the change in Academic regulations and to preserve Anonymous marking.

Students with an approved Late Submission Request (LSR), Assessed Extended Deadline (AED) and an Exceptional Extenuating Circumstance (EEC) are requested to submit via the Assessment Extensions tab in Course Resources (Blackboard)

This tab can only be seen by students and College Student Centres.

Students have to complete 3 drop down boxes, that ask for the Module, Assignment submission and the type of extension they have.

Students are asked to upload their assignment and they will get a receipt.

The College Student Centres get a daily spreadsheet of submissions uploaded on the previous day. They download the assignment, validate that they have an approved extension and rename the assignment to ‘APPROVED LATE’. They then upload the assignment into the original submission point in the module on behalf of the student.

This means that as staff mark the work, anything that appears as late should be capped as per the regulations, but anything with APPROVED LATE should be marked as normal.

If your programme allows students to access draft originality reports, then it is recommended that you setup a Draft submission point, either at the module or programme level. Guidance on how to do this is available in the Turnitin guides.

Student help and advice is available via the Student Guide module in the General Resources area of Course Resources.

IMPORTANT – The assignment submission points on a module must be enabled for late submission, for more information about identifying and marking late work please refer to our Late Submission Page.