Your lecturer has created a structured portfolio for you to complete within PebblePad, you will find this within the Resources Store of PebblePad.

Resources: Are a blank form or template that you add content to. This is made available to you by your lecturer to provide you with a structure to complete your work.






Click on Resources from the homepage of PebblePad. You will find this underneath your name.


Locating your structured portfolio in PebblePad

Find your portfolio within your Resources Store. Your portfolio will have an orange icon and most likely be called the name of your programme or module. Your lecturer will tell you the name of your portfolio.

Locate your portfolio within your Resources Store and click on the title of the portfolio


Submitting your portfolio

Your lecturers will have created your portfolio to automatically submit the first time you access it.
Therefore once you have clicked on your portfolio, the first thing you will be prompted to do is to submit your portfolio. You will then need to click on ‘Save’.

Tick the box and click on continue.
You’ll then see the contents of your portfolio.
Click on ‘Save’ in the top left hand corner.


Submitting your portfolio

You will not need to submit your portfolio again. As you update and save your portfolio, your lecturers will automatically be able to see the most up to date version of your portfolio.

However, you will have a deadline that your lecturer will set and you need to comply with.
You must make sure all work within your portfolio is completed by this deadline.  The system will be set to this date and time and your lecturer will not be able to see any changes made to your portfolio that you have made after this date and time.