The University of Derby uses TurnitinUK, as a tool for online submission (eSubmission), online feedback and to match text in student submissions to other sources. The service is operated by iParadigms, who manage sales and support of the service to UK universities.

How does the Plagiarism Detection Service work?

The Service searches the World Wide Web, extensive databases of reference material and content submitted by other students to identify any duplication with student work. The software makes no decisions as to whether a student has plagiarised, it simply highlights sections of text which have been found in other sources. In most cases this text will have been correctly cited. All work will continue to be reviewed by the Faculty setting the assignment. The software is not a substitute for good academic practice in teaching correct citation techniques, nor in recognising when work does not match the known ability and style of a student.


How are assignments used by the Service?

Students submit assignments to the service via Course Resources. The work will be stored electronically on a database together with their name, email address, course details and institution. The work will then be compared for similarity against work submitted by other students at the University of Derby, other universities and will be included as source documents in the iParadigms reference database solely for the purpose of matching text to other submitted papers. In the event of TurnitinUK detecting a high degree of similarity with content in the database, this will be reported back to the University. Your Faculty can then investigate as they see fit in line with the University’s Examination Regulations. Any investigation is at the discretion of the University. In this circumstance it is possible that the personal data provided may need to be disclosed to academic staff within other institutions from where matching content has been submitted. By signing the University of Derby’s enrolment form the student gives their consent for their data to be transferred and used in this way.


Who controls the Service?

The University is the recognised Data Controller (being the person who controls the extent and use of data) for the data held or processed by or on behalf of the Service. iParadigms are the Data Processor. In order for the University to make use of the Service it will be necessary for personal data relating to students to be transferred to countries not governed by EU Data Protection legislation. However, it should be noted that iParadigms, the company processing student data on the University’s behalf, is bound by terms of contract to abide at all times by the Data Protection principles.


How long will the data be kept by the Service?

The Service is a long-term initiative and it is the intention that student assignments will be retained indefinitely.


What if a student wants the data to be removed from the Service?

If the student wishes to remove the data from the TurnitinUK service at any time they should contact their tutor, who will need to then contact the IT Service desk to confirm that they have finished marking before it is removed.


Who owns the Copyright to the work a student submits to the Service?

The copyright of the content submitted by a student (or by staff on their behalf) remains theirs at all times whilst on the TurnitinUK service. TurnitinUK has no interest in acquiring the intellectual property rights for the content submitted by students. By submitting content to TurnitinUK, students grant a licence to TurnitinUK for it to use the copyright in the content for the purposes set out in these Regulations. Please note that neither the University, TurnitinUK nor its data processors will seek to exploit the content submitted to TurnitinUK for any further commercial gain outside the remit of this service.


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