Courses at the University of Derby are presented on the Blackboard Learn platform referred to as Course Resources. When modules are granulated at the beginning of the academic year, they then appear in Course Resources ready for tutors to add the resources for the registered students to use. The Course Template provides a skeleton structure to guide tutors on how best to use the platform and organise their resources.

  • The Course Template gives tutors a standard structure for organising their resources.
  • It also helps to guide tutors to meet the baseline standards for course provision.
  • Students will have good user experience and a sense of uniformity if all their modules follow the same standards.

Learn more about course structure.


This is the landing page for the module. It has various channels of dynamically updated communication from different stakeholders across the university.


You can create and send messages to students on the module from here.

Module Information 

Use the Module Information Word template to complete all the required information that can be audited by your college or external bodies.


Please complete contact information for all staff teaching the module. You can copy and paste into this text area.

Study Materials 

Add your materials for students to reference in this folder such as PowerPoints, word documents etc. You should organise it in a logical and consistent manner e.g. according to a weekly schedule or module themes. 

Collaborate (virtual classroom) 

Collaborate is similar to Skype with group audio/video calls and text chat, but has some extra interactive functionality to allow participants to draw on a collaborative whiteboard or go into breakout groups for small group chat. You can stream your lecture to students who are unable to attend, and allow them some participation in the session. 

Social Learning

A new section with links to synchronous and asynchronous tools that support remote delivery.


A hidden link to the Groups area where you can add students to groups.

Lecture Recording 

Some form of recording for each appropriate session you run is now University policy. You could choose to record the entire session, editing where appropriate, or make a short five minute summary about the session. 

Online Reading List 

The library can create an electronic reading list and add it to your module. Ask your subject librarian for more information. 

Library Support

A page with dynamically updated content from the Library.


This area is where all your assessment points should go. This includes Turnitin, Online tests, Blackboard Assignments, and Pebblepad. You should also include any documentation about the assessment in this area.  

Provisional Grades and Feedback 

Shows students their gradebook for assessments. If you do not want to show students their results before the release date, then you must hide the column in Grade Centre. How to guide on Managing Grade Visibility. 

Microsoft Office 365 

Quick link to office 365 login. 

IT Support 

Link to IT Services website. 

Student help 

Link to the student Course Resources help module. 


If you need help with any of the areas in the Course Template, please contact your College’s Learning Technology Adviser to arrange training. If unsure then email