Videos to encourage reflection on performance are used to give the student (or their peers) the opportunity to view and critique their skills.  An example of this kind of practice could be used with students to peer review each others presentations and give feedback.

Why would you use video to encourage reflection?

This is used to aid review, allowing the student to gain practical feedback and review evidence to support it.

In subject areas as diverse as drama, nursing, law and education, video footage can be an extremely useful tool to effectively review performance or practice.


How would you record performance?

This can be achieved in many different ways, with one of the most typical scenarios is recording the performance of a learner while standing up in front of a group presenting. Capturing this scenario using the lecture recording system in the room is a great way of making sure all the elements of the presentation (audio and slides) are recorded and if the room features a webcam, you can also caption their posture and body language.


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