Instructional videos can be used to help students gain knowledge on technical skills through an instructional format. These types of videos are massively popular on sites such as YouTube, where users can follow a step by step guide to a achieve a certain task. Thereby sharing the knowledge and expertise of the person creating the video with the audience.

Why use instructional videos?

Instructional videos are great way of providing a reusable resource for your students to watch and understand core skills required. These videos can either be watched within the classroom or given beforehand using a flipped teaching approach. An example of this is by demonstrating a particular chemistry experiment before a practical session.

Instructional videos can also enable your students to gain an understanding of what is required in the industry once they graduate.

How would you create an instructional video?

Instructional videos can be created in a number of ways and the clarity of the content is what makes these videos work, not necessarily the production skills of the creator.

Most viewed instructional videos on YouTube consist of a single shot of the person doing the instruction while talking it through to the audience. This can be done with a single camera or an iPad on a tripod.

Instructional videos can also be created from your desktop using screen capture or a webcam using Panopto.