Module Introductions

A module introduction is where the lecturer creates a short video to introduce the module to the learner and establish the topics to be covered.

Why would you create a module introduction?

A module introduction can be a friendly and personal way to introduce the module to the learner, talking about what they will be learning, what reading they need to undertake as part of the module and how much contact time the learner will have with the tutor. Module introductions can also be used to enthuse the learner and enhance the learning experience.

How would you create a module introduction?

Module introductions can be something as simple as a screen capture or lecture recording using Panopto, where the tutor can have a few Powerpoint slides going over the important points of the module. They can include questions for the learner to answer at a later date and provide information regarding reading material needed.

Another type of module introduction is a ‘talking head’ style video where the tutor is introducing the module with a predetermined script talking about the key points and identifying further reading.

If you have an optional module or one that is taught to a variety of different learners from different courses, you could create something more immersive and use the module introduction as a video trailer to help students decide whether the module is right for them. This could be created as a scenario or a short documentary to make it more interesting for the students. This sort of video is great as it can enthuse the learner, however, they are a more time-intensive type of module introduction to create.

Revision Summaries

Creating revision summaries using video can be a great way of recapping core information to your students at the end of a module or topic.

Why would you record a revision summary?

These videos can be used to effectively communicate to your students and provide extra support during a potentially stressful time for students. It can be a valuable tool to support exam preparation by creating short manageable videos to go over key points from a topic and target areas for revision.

How would you create a revision summary?

There are many ways this can be achieved such as:

  • Creating short recordings using the lecture recording system at your own desk by picking up on certain issues students are coming across while studying the topic. This could be a short 2 – 3 minute slideshow videos emphasising the more difficult parts of the topic. This recording could be released to the whole cohort or just to the students who need it the most.
  • A discussion video with students who have gone through the process, talking about their thoughts on how they handled it and giving advice and techniques to help other students.
  • One of the most effective ways of creating a revision resource, especially in more practical subjects, is to create instructional videos, which the student can re-watch in their own time.