Any video used within your programme has the potential to be used to encourage discussion or increase engagement. However you may choose to show a video that you either find or have created that specifically poses a question or statement that will provoke an action and/or debate from your students. These types of videos could be case study based videos or could be contentious statements or topics deliberately designed to provoke a response or discussion.

For example, a case study video series could be released progressively, providing more information as you go through each video, giving students the opportunity to adapt their thoughts or responses as they progress. These case study videos could also deliberately leave out key information for the students to find out or discuss.

Why would you use this type of video?

The reason for creating this type of content is to increase involvement from your students and get them to engage more actively during sessions. There are also several other digital technologies like polling systems that can be used in conjunction with these videos and you can then get a visual representation of the views of your students.


How would you create this type of video?

You can create these type of experiences with existing content that you can source from either the Panopto Shared Repository or Box of Broadcasts. You can take a segment of an already created piece of media and play it either within a lecture and discuss it within the session or do it as a flipped approach, letting the students watch the clip beforehand.

If you wanted to create your own media to be used in this way, it gives you scope to design something to direct the debate in a particular direction and potentially make it more challenging for your students. Please contact your Media Adviser to discuss the options further.



‘Video used in teaching to assist students’ learning’


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