Whatever institution you gain badges through will have a place for you to log in and see the badges you have earned, however you might want to manage them in one central place online. You can export each of your badges into your own personal Mozilla Backpack.

Step 1: Create your own personal Mozilla Backpack account, for this you can use a personal email address or your Derby University email address.

Image to show the Mozilla Backpack Signing in page

Step 2: Access your University of Derby Open Badges hub and navigate to the My Badges page.

Step 3: Click on the Export to Backpack button.

Image to show the University of Derby Badges Hub and badges awarded to a student

Step 4: This will link directly Mozilla Backpack in another browser tab.

Image to show message that will visible when badge is being exported to Backpack

Step 5: Mozilla Backpack will display the badge it is about to add with full description and accreditation data. You must choose Yes to add to your backpack.

Badge with with full description and accreditation criteria details

Now you can add more badges or manage the badges you have in the Backpack and sort into collections if you prefer. It would be worth spending some time exploring the Mozilla Backpack.

Images to show how badges are organised in mozilla Backpack


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