What are Student Digital Champions?

As part of the TEL Strategy 2017-2021, the Centre of Learning and Teaching (CELT) has employed a number of student Digital Champions to work in partnerships with CELT to support the digital literacy skills development of staff and students.  The University aims to have students working as co-constructors of the digital environment.   

Why use a Student Digital Champions?

 Most of our Digital Champions are involved in projects in their own colleges and disciplines, working with academics to enhance their digital learning materials to increase the student’s experience.  Also, as part of the role of a digital champion is to promote the TEL agenda with projects they are involved.  We have had many Student Digital Champions present at national conferences talk about those projects.

Further information

If you would like to recommend a student for the Digital Champion role or have projects you feel could be enhanced by the support from a Student Digital Champion, please contact CELT-TEL@DERBY.AC.UK   

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