What are Blackboard Spaces?

A Blackboard Space is a group or social area that you can easily and quickly setup in order to collaborate with other users. Although available via the Blackboard platform, a Blackboard Space is not connected to a course or module. They are not controlled by the University and anyone who has access to a Blackboard account at their institution can create and manage a space. You can also collaborate with people from other institutions that use Blackboard Spaces.

Why use Blackboard Spaces?

For example, you can create a space to share ideas and resources for a group assignment or project. A space would be a good place for students on an online space to socialize. You can use a space for a special interest group and connect with other users across the country.

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How to Access Spaces

Access the Spaces you belong to through the global navigation menu. (This is the menu that appears when you click on your name in the top right hand corner) Click on the Spaces icon at the bottom left of the menu box.









Creating a user account 
  1. Click on the Spaces icon.
  2. You will then see a screen similar to the one below. You will be invited to read the terms and conditions. When ready, click to say that you have read these and that you are over 13. Click Agree.
  3. Enter a primary email address. You will need to enter a valid address as you will get a confirmation email asking you to confirm. Please note that without a valid address your spaces account will not work.
  4. Once that is all done the Profile screen will appear. It is recommended that under the Privacy options “My School” is selected as this will keep any groups you create exclusive to the University. Click submit.
  5. You will now see a screen similar to the following.
How to Search Spaces

Once you have completed your profile, you will have a blank My Spaces homepage. You can now browse public spaces, which you can select to join.

  1. Click the All Spaces link located below Create a Space.
  2. The screen will change to include a search box in the top right.
  3. Type keywords in the Search Box [B] and press the Enter key, The search results display in the right panel.
  4. Placing the mouse cursor on the image will reveal more information about the space including options to view details and join. Depending on how the space has been set up, the latter option may show as “Join Space” or “Request to Join Space”. If you wish to join the space, click on the appropriate option. If you selected Request to Join then the space owner will review your request and will make you a member.
  5. Spaces that you have joined will appear under the My Spaces header on the Spaces home page.

How to Create a Space

If you choose to create a space, you automatically become the manager of the space. You can promote other users to also manage the space.

  1. Click Create a Space.
  2. Type a name for the space.
  3. Click Get Started, You have now created a Space.
  4. As with joining an existing space, The spaces that you manage appear under the Spaces I Manage header on the Spaces home page.
How to Edit Spaces
  1. Placing the mouse cursor on the image will reveal an option to Edit Space.
  2. When you click on this you will have the facility to change the space name, picture, category, description, privacy settings, and membership.
Space Membership

From the Space’s edit page, you can manage current membership and pending invitations. In the Space Membership area:

  1. Click the Manage button to view current space members. Hover over a member to make him or her a manager or remove the member from the space.
  2. Click Invite to invite new members to join the space. From the Invite page, you can view pending invitations. Click the X next to a pending invitation to rescind it.



When you invite a user to become a member of your space from the space’s Edit page, the invitation shows on their Spaces page in My Blackboard. The invited user can accept or decline the invitation.

Privacy and Joining Options

The privacy settings in your space set how your space appears in My Blackboard and in member profiles. Read each option on the Edit My Space page carefully to set users who can find and join your space.

  • Public Spaces are discoverable using search and anyone can join.
  • Protected Spaces are discoverable to search, but to join you must request access from the manager or be invited by the manager.
  • Private Spaces are not discoverable using search, and can only be joined by invitation from the manager. Private spaces are not displayed on a member’s profile.
Post and Comment on a Space Wall

Post and Comment on Space Wall Once you have setup your Space you can use your space wall to update and have conversations with those who follow the space.

  •  Provide information in the Share Something field and click Post.
  • Comment on a user’s post. Hover over a post or comment and click Comment.
  • To edit, hover over one of your own posts or comments and click Edit.
    An “EDITED” label appears to make it clear that the following occurred:
    1. The post or comment has been edited from its original state and
    2. When the most recent edit occurred.