This reports on who came, how long for and an average attendance time. A separate report is available for every session, if you use a session more than once.

The session report only get generated after session has finished this will be when the room has been empty for about 5 minutes. 

To see a report, find the session. you may have to click on the all previous session if the session is repeating or it has an end date

previous sessions drop down window

Then click on the three dots next to the session, then choose View Reports.

you will see a list of all the events for this room

list of events

If an event used Polls there will be a download button to download a spread sheet of the poll results. 

Click on View report for the session you want to see. An overview of all the data is available. You can also export the data to print or CSV for Excel analysis.

More information about reports can be found here.