What is the Course Resources Content Collection?

Content Collection is a file repository, i.e. a storage area in Course Resources (Blackboard) which allows users to store, share, and publish content within module folders and institution folders.

Why would I use Content Collection?

The Content Collection allows staff to store content in one place and then place links from their modules to this content, avoiding duplication of content across courses and also reducing course quota usage. Because the files are stored in just one area, they can simply be updated once in that area if need be and the changes will be effected in all the modules where the files are being used

How is Content Collection already being used?

The Content Collection is currently being used to store past exam papers, so that academics can share them with students at an appropriate point in the module.

University of Derby Online (UDOL) also store all their course material in the Content Collection, so that they can be reused across multiple modules within UDOL and in the rest of University


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Content Collection – The Basics

Accessing the Content Collection

Adding Content to the Content Collection

Searching the Content Collection

Download and Edit files

Add content to a module