Content Collection is a file repository, i.e. a storage area in Course Resources (Blackboard) which allows users to store, share, and publish content within module folders and institution folders. a

The Content Collection contains files and folders organized into separate areas for users, modules, programmes and the institution. Selecting an area displays the hierarchy of folders and files available to you in that area. The Module Content area contains content for HE modules; Programme Content area contains content for FE modules; and Institution Content area contains content from the wider University areas including UDOL and Learning Enhancement. Past exam papers are also stored in the Institution Content area.

Each area will have folders containing items and may also contain other folders organized in a tree structure. The image below shows folders and different item types in a Content Collection.

Both folders and items need to be shared with other users for them to be able to view. The size of each folder can be restricted for better management. Files in the content collection can easily be reused and made available in any Course Resources module. Because the files are stored in just one area, they can simply be updated once in that area if need be and the changes will be effected in all the modules where the files are being used. Files can also be downloaded and edited and then uploaded into different areas of the content collection.


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