Read speaker is an accessibility tool for blackboard. It is for use by lecturers and students and has a number of accessibility features:

  • It will read text out so you can listen to it
  • Translate text into a number of languages
  • Reformat text
    • Make text bigger
    • Change the fount
    • Simplify the text
    • Change colours
  • Allow you to highlight areas of the screen to make reading easier

ReadSpeaker has two interfaces webReader and docReader

webReader will work on all native Blackboard content including the Blackboard interface

You activate webReader by clicking on the orange play button.web reader play button

This can be found at the left of the window, or if you make a text selection it will appear near your selection. (Note: If you have edit mode turned on you may have problems selecting text)

Watch the video below to learn how to use the webReader

Doc reader

docReader will work on selected file uploaded to blackboard. This includes word documents PowerPoint and PDFs

You activate docReader by clicking on the doc reader icon.Doc Reader play button

Watch the video below to learn how to use the docReader

There are additional videos for docReader

docReader Layout and Text Mode

docReader Settings

docReader Small Device Settings

docReader Reading Ruler

docReader Page Mask

docReader Highlighting Tools

docReader Show and Hide Highlights

docReader Download mp3 of Page

docReader Saving Documents

docReader Printing Documents

docReader Zoom Tools

ReadSpeaker docReader Language Selection

ReadSpeaker docReader Page Navigation

ReadSpeaker docReader More Tools

ReadSpeaker docReader Help Tool

To view a recording of a training session click below

DELTA Staff Development Training room / ReadSpeaker 30/09/20