What is a Course Resources Sandbox?

A Course Resources sandbox course is a private space within Blackboard that can be used as a practice module. This functionality is available to all University of Derby staff.

Why would I use a Sandbox?

A sandbox is a useful tool to give you the confidence to try out new tools and themes before implementing them on a current module. You could use it to test a Discussion board, Turnitin assignment settings or even experiment with Peer Review.

Unfortunately you cannot add students to your sandbox, but you can add other members of staff and you have the option of either adding them as a tutor or a student.

How do I setup a Sandbox

Scroll to the bottom of your Course Resources homepage, you will see a box called Managing Sandboxes, click on the Manage button (Fig. 1) in the bottom right

Manage your Sandbox button

Figure 1.  Manage your Sandbox button

to create a sandbox and add staff members. Clicking this will give you the Management menu (Fig.2).

Note: You can only have 3 sandboxes and you can’t delete sandboxes once you have created them.

Figure 2. Manage your Sandbox Menu

When you creat your sandbox you can chose which template to use

  • HE module template
  • UDOL module template
  • Standard template

This is a perminant choice. It will use the courent template for this academic year. your sandbox will not be updates when the template is updated

To find out more

Please contact the TEL Team via or ext 1865