EvaSys is an evaluation system currently used at the University for Module Evaluations at the end of each semester. These can help inform preparation for NSS surveys.

Why would I use EvaSys with my students?

  • To get students’ feedback in terms of module organisation, module teaching, module support, module resources, engagement as well as general satisfaction.
  • To give students a chance to provide comments about their experiences in taking the module including what they found good and what could be improved.


How do I use EvaSys with my students?

  • Students are given questionnaires to complete in class if it’s paper based
  • Alternatively students can complete the survey online. Links are sent via emails and they are also accessed via Course Resources under My Surveys section

  • At the end of the survey period, results are then collated and reports sent out to module leaders as well as heads of departments.



Academic Centre teams within the different colleges are responsible for setting up the module evaluations and they are the first point of contact for any help with surveys.