Set up a Google account

You will need to set up a Google Account, if you don’t have one already.


How to set up a Google Account

  • Click on ‘Create account’

  • Follow the steps to create your Google account.   If you’d prefer to use Unimail (or any other existing) email account for your Username, choose “I prefer to use my current email’ address”

Finding the Google site template

Once you have a Google account.  Go to and sign in to your account.

  • Click on create on the left hand side of the screen 

  • Click on ‘Browse the gallery for more’ to find the template that you need.
  • Click on ‘Browse the gallery for more

  • Type in the of the PDP template that has been created for you: Explore independently or search for LAWPDP-2016-1000

    To find the template you’ll need to use to create your site type in the name and press ‘Enter’ on the keyboard or the search icon.

  • You should then see the appropriate template:

  • Click on the template and then click on ‘Gadget from template directory’

  • You will see the site and you’ll need to click on ‘Use template’ icon in the top right hand corner.

Name your site

  • The next step is to name your site, click on ‘I’m not a robot’ and click on ‘create’.

  • You will then see the template with the name that you have called it in the top left hand side.


Sharing and Permissions

There are settings for sharing and permissions, that you’ll need to set up.

Click on the ‘cog wheel’ in the top right hand corner and choose ‘Sharing and Permissions’.

  • You will need to click on change here and select from one of the following:
    • Public on the web:  Anyone on the web can find and access. 
    • Anyone with the link:  Anyone who has the link can access
    • Specific people:  Only those who you’ve shared it with can see it.

You have now set up your e portfolio and will be able to edit and add information to your site.  To find your site again, log into