What is “Lecture Record Ready”?

Most teaching rooms are now “Lecture Record Ready”! This is the term used to describe a teaching room which has a microphone and Panopto recording software installed on the room’s PC. This enables you to record PowerPoint and your presentation directly into the Course Resources module ready for students to use for revision or review.


Finding a “Lecture Record Ready” classroom at Derby University

All classrooms have ceiling mounted microphones which work with Panopto. This means you can record your lecture without having to worry about taking extra equipment with you. Some rooms also have webcams fixed into the ceiling which is ideal for recording whiteboard writing, or student presentations.

About Panopto website and Recorder app

Panopto has two parts:

A website which stores all of the content and streams the recordings over the web.

A recorder app which needs to be installed on the computer or mobile you’re using (all staff and classroom PCs already have this installed).


About the Panopto website

The website is: https://derby.cloud.panopto.eu. After logging in to the website using your university UDo account, you can view, share, delete or edit your recordings. You can also see analytics of who has watched your recordings. The recorder app is also available for download from here onto your non-university computer.

Panopto recordings are stored in a folder on the website, just like files and folders on your computer.

Every module in Course Resources has a corresponding folder, named after the module, on the Panopto website.

Example of the Panopto website folder names, created from Course Resources module names

Who can record and see Lecture Recording videos?

Every tutor in Course Resources automatically has permission to make a Lecture Recording using Panopto and save it to the module’s Lecture Recording folder. Every student on the module can then access the videos in that folder. Tutors or students not enrolled on a module cannot see videos in that module’s folder.

It is very important to choose the right folder to record into when making a recording. If you select the wrong folder, the video will appear in the wrong module and students may be able to see it. However, recordings can be moved to different folders if you do make a mistake.


Sharing a video outside of a module

By default recordings are only available to enrollees on a module. You can change who can see a video to multiple modules, or even make it publicly available. You change these settings on the website.


About the Recorder App

Recordings are made through the app. The desktop app available on all staff and classroom computers integrates with PowerPoint and can record the screen, webcams, visualisers and a microphone.

The iPhone app records camera and mic, but the Android app will only upload videos created by the camera app on the phone.


Viewing Lecture Recordings in Course Resources

Course Resources integrates with Panopto so that videos can be viewed within a module’s content area.

An example of how the Panopto recordings look in a Course Resources module

It is possible to add more than one folder to a course. This is useful to let students view videos from previous years or different modules.

In this example, students can see videos in folders from 2014 and 2015

The Panopto to module integration is an automatic process. If your module is not connected to Panopto please contact IT Service desk on 01332 591234.


Installing the Panopto Recorder on your computer

If you want to use Panopto on your own (non-university) computer you have to download and install it. This video (no audio, with subtitles) shows the install process for PC.

Install on PC helpsheet – read part two for install instructions

Install on Mac helpsheet – read part two for install instructions

For technical help on installing, please contact IT Service Centre: itservicecentre@derby.ac.uk  –  01332 591234