Panopto is a system that records audio, video (webcam), PowerPoint and your computer’s screen. You can use this to record a presentation which is sent to Course Resources.

Click to expland the links below for guides that explain the minimum steps necessary to record a Panopto presentation.

Part 1 Recording

  1. Open the recorder If you’re on a University machine, Panopto will be installed already. Click on the Panopto icon to load the recorder. For your own computer you must download and install the recorder.
  2. Click on Login with Course Resources button, and then enter your university’s username and password.
  3. Click the down arrow.
    Students must record into [Assignments] folder
  4. Find or search for your module. Click the folder to select to record into it.
  5. Enter a meaningful title for your recording in Name (date is default).
  6. Primary source: This is in the top left of the screen. Choose recording inputs using the drop downs.Video: Optional, and only works if you have a webcam on your computer. Select None to turn off.
    Audio: Mandatory. You must select an audio source.If you don’t have an audio source your recording will not work!
  7. Check the mic is working Speak and watch the volume level (green and yellow dots) rise and fall.If this does not respond, your voice will not be audible on the recording.
    Adjust the volume with the slider so the audio peaks into the yellow bars.
  8. To record a PowerPoint presentation, or computer screen Tick the boxes in Secondary Sources.To record audio from video or audio you play (e.g. YouTube), tick Capture Computer Audio.
  9. Start the recording by clicking Record This is on the top left of the screen.All of the sources you selected should now be recording.
  10. To Pause, click the Pause button Restart by clicking Resume.
  11. Click Stop to finish recording.
  12. Check the details You can change the Session name here, and enter a description. The folder of the recording is also displayed.
  13. Upload or Delete Upload to the server by clicking Upload. To delete and try again, click Delete and record again. There is NO recycle bin!
  14. You MUST WAIT for the recording to upload. If you shut down your computer before the upload is complete, the recording will not be available on the system.
  15. When the “Processing” message appears you can turn off your computer.
  16. Your recording will be available in Course Resources after it has processed. This can take up to an hour for longer recordings. You can manage your recording thought the web interface here: Sign in and enter your University username and password.

Help and Support Contacts:

Remember! You must:

  • have an audio source
  • wait for the recording to finish uploading

Part 2 Downloading and installing the Panopto recorder: PC/Windows

  1. Visit
  2. Choose Sign in using Course Resources.
  3. Click Sign in.
  4. Enter your University username and password. Click Logon.
  5. Click Download Recorder in the top right of the screen.
  6. Click Windows 7 and up.
  7. Install the program on your machine by running the installer.
    Click Run or Install from any security warning boxes that appear.
  8. The recorder should now be available on your system.
    The Panopto recorder icon should appear in your Start menu and on the desktop as this icon.