Adding a link to PebblePad from Course resources

    1. Log into Course Resources and the module you want a link to PebblePad from
    2. Create a new ‘content area’ by clicking on the small plus sign in the top left hand corner of your menu bar
    3. Select “Content Area”
    4. Name the content area ‘Pebblepad’ and make available to Users. Students will need to access this link.
    5. Click ‘Submit’
    6. You’ll now see the ‘PebblePad’ link on the left hand side menu..
    7. Click on the PebblePad content area that you have just created.
    8. From ‘Add interactive tool’ choose ‘Pebble+’
    9. A form will then appear, you do not need to add or change anything in this form. Just click on ‘submit’
    10. You’ll now see that you have set up a link to ‘PebblePad’ within your Course Resources programme/module area.