Student guidance on how to submit PebblePad portfolios

There are two ways to submit your work in PebblePad: 1) Auto-submission 2) Manual submission. This depends on how your lecturers have set up the assignment, and if you unsure you should contact them for advice.

Auto submission of work

Your lecturers may have set the assignment to auto-submit. This means when you open your portfolio from the Resource area the portfolio is automatically submitted to your lecturers, and they can view and comment on it from that moment onwards.

Auto-submitting your portfolio for assessment

When you first open your portfolio you will be presented with a ‘dialogue box’ that will ask you to agree to the terms and conditions and submit your portfolio straight away.  You will need to tick the box to agree and click ‘continue’ to access your portfolio.

It may seem strange that you are being asked to submit your portfolio already.  However, this is so that your lecturers can see your progress in completing your portfolio from day 1 and offer you formative feedback.



PLEASE NOTE:  Once you have clicked on continue your portfolio will be submitted and you do not need to submit again.  As you update and save your portfolio, your lecturers will automatically be able to see the most up to date version of your portfolio.

However, you will have a deadline that your lecturer will set and you need to comply this.

You must make sure all work within your portfolio is completed by this deadline.  The system will be set to this date and time and your lecturer will not be able to see any changes made to your portfolio that you have made after this date and time.

Manual submission of work

If your tutors have not set the assignment to auto-submit, you will need to submit your work, this could be a portfolio, blog or anything else created in PebblePad manually.

Log into PebblePad and open the work that you need to submit.  In the top right hand corner you will find ‘I want to’ icon, click on this icon and choose ‘share’

You will then need to choose the option ‘For assessment’.

You’ll then see a ‘workspace’ that you’ll need to submit your work to. This will be the name of your module or programme area that you are submitting work for.

You will then see the assignment name.  Click on this to submit your work

You will see the terms of usage that you need to read and agree to by ticking the checkbox

You will receive an email from PebblePad to your unimail account to state that your submission has been successful.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you submit before the deadline, you will be able to continue working without the need to re-submit your work.  As you press save your lecturers will see the most up to date work.  However, any work that you have done after the deadline will not be visible to your lecturers and won’t be marked.