Naming and version control

It is important that you name your workbook and templates in a way that will help you manage version control (see below why this is important)

We recommend that you use the year, the module code, place of delivery.  The same structure as Blackboard (Course Resources) to name your workbooks and templates, so that you know what the resource was made for and for which cohort of students.

Editing Workbooks and Templates

CAUTION WHEN EDITING WORKBOOKS!  Once students have started working with the workbook, any changes that you make to the workbook will affect what the work that they are completing.

A workbook is permanently linked to the work that students have completed using it.

For instance, if you delete a page or a section of a workbook and the student(s) have already completed this section of the workbook, you will also be deleting any work that the student(s) have completed in the section you are deleting.This means that any changes you make to a workbook Resource will flow through to anything that students have already created from it.  If you want to make changes to a workbook Resource that are not reflected in existing Assets, you need to make a copy of the workbook so that you are editing a different version. Make sure you re-name the copy so that you can keep track of the version.

More information on Live Links and editing templates and workbooks

Copying workbooks and Templates