Staff FAQ

How do I mark students work?

To mark and give feedback to students work, you will need to go the ATLAS workspace and assignment and click on submissions to view students work.

You will then see a list of all students work. Open each students portfolilo/work and then you will need to click on ‘feedback comments’ to mark students work.

PLEASE NOTE: Make sure you select ‘feedback comments’ and not just ‘comments’ as students can delete ‘comments’ but not ‘feedback comments.

Instructions on how to give feedback and grade students work

How do I release feedback to students?

You will need to ‘hold feedback for release’ whilst you mark all students work. This is the setting by default. Once you have marked the cohort of students work, you will need to release the feedback and grades to students.

Instructions on how to release feedback to students

How do I set up extensions for my students?

You can set up extensions for each individual student who may need one. Each student extension can be set up for different dates and times.

Information on how to set up extensions for students

Why can’t I see my student’s portfolio/work?

· Has the assignment been paused?

Pausing an assignment takes a snapshot of the submitted work at the time of pausing. While paused, any updates to the work will not be reflected on the Workspace.

Pausing an assignment has no impact on submitted work as it exists in the User’s Pebble+ account. Users can continue to edit their work, but changes will not be visible on the workspace as long as it is paused.

When the assignment is ‘played’ the snapshot associated with the pause is date and time stamped and listed in a drop-down menu at the top of the Submissions page. You can view a pause snapshot at any time by selecting it from the list.

When an assignment is ‘played’, the submissions are updated to their most recent version. Any assets submitted while the assignment was paused will become visible on the Workspace.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not ‘Stop’ the assignment until all marks and feedback has been given. Once stopped no further changes can be made to the assignment.

Information on pausing assignments

· Have students complied with the deadline set?

Once the deadline date and time set on the assignment on ATLAS have passed, changes that students make will not be recorded and seen by the lecturer. Next to the students work there are two dates

Information on deadlines

· Have students submitted to the wrong assignment

You can check with the student which assignment they have submitted to as they will have received an email receipt that will give details of the module/programme area and name of assignment they have submitted to.

If they don’t have this email, then you can ask them to check by going into their ‘Asset’ store, they will find this by clicking on ‘Assets’ underneath their name on the homepage.

When in the Asset store they will need to find the portfolio/work that they think they have submitted. If submitted a clipboard icon will be visible in colour. Ask students to click on this active clipboard and it will give details of where the work has been submitted to.

· Is there a ‘Recovered’ version of the students work that they are working in rather than the portfolio/work that they have submitted for assessment?

You may not be able to see your students work may be because their work may have been ‘recovered’ and they may now have more than one version of their portfolio or work and have been working in the ‘recovered version’ which isn’t the version that has been submitted.

Information about recovered work

· Have students add all information INTO their portfolio

You will only be able to see the work that your students have added to their portfolio. Students need to add all work into the portoflio that they have submitted in order for you to view and mark it.

To do this, students need to log into PebblePad and go to their Asset store to find their portfolio, (link to section ‘I can’t find my portfolio) and make sure they have uploaded your information into the sections of your portfolio.

If they have just uploaded your documents into PebblePad, using the ‘upload new’ icon on the homepage, all the information will be stored in their Asset store in PebblePad. They will now need to go into their portfolio and work through the sections and insert them into their portfolio for you to be able to view them.

Can my students continue to use PebblePad once they have graduated?

Yes, your students will be able to continue to use PebblePad once they’ve graduated for free. Before telling them to create an Alumni account, make sure that the assessment process is totally finished. ie. External Examiners have viewed any work and Academic Boards are finished. The work that your students have created and uploaded into PebblePad whilst a student will be available in their ‘Alumni’ account after graduation.

Link to how to create an Alumni Account