Poll Everywhere is a student response system which allows students to engage by posing a number of different types of questions within the classroom. Students can then respond to these questions using a laptop, tablet or smartphone. The results can then be displayed live on screen so answers can be discussed within the session.

This tool enables you to not only formatively assess students learning in real-time and clarify key learning points but also to potentially gather feedback from students about the topics they are covering. In addition Poll Everywhere enables you to run competitions within class as well as look at detailed reports of the responses you receive.

Why would I use Poll Everywhere with my students?

  • To formatively assess student understanding of key learning points within a face-to-face teaching session.
  • To gather feedback from students using short answer questions about the session you have just run.
  • Engage large groups of students by encouraging their competitive nature using short quizzes where they can compete against each other.
  • Examine the reports Poll Everywhere produces to see whether students are struggling to understand a particular concept.
  • Show students a short video demonstrating key learning points and get them to respond to a series of questions to see whether they understand these.

Poll Everywhere lets your audience interact with a live presentation using their mobile phones or other devices.

Request a Poll Everywhere account

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Essential quick guides:

Derby University Quickstart Polleverywhere setup guide

How to create polls using Poll Everywhere.

NOTE: PollEv plugin for PowerPoint is available from the Software Centre on all staff machines, To access the software Center please go to Start > All Programs > Microsoft System Center > Software Center, or search “Software Center”.

You can install the plugin from the Poll Everywhere website on your own computer.

Please contact the IT Service Centre on ext 1234 for help on installing the PowerPoint plugin.

The plugin is already installed on all classroom PCs.

Learn how to instruct the audience on how to use Poll Everywhere.

Responding to polls from a smartphone.


Getting Started Training (25min)

This webinar demonstrates a “getting started” how to use Poll Everywhere

Further guides and training

This page provides several other videos explaining how to use Poll Everywhere.

This page has in-depth support guides

Top tips

How to make polls Anonymous

How to clear responses to polls

Quizzes and Polls to Support Teaching and Learning