TurningPoint is an interactive group response system which is used with PowerPoint. An audience can use response devices to give instant feedback to the speaker during a presentation. The system gathers the responses via a response receiver called a dongle, and translates the results into test scores, charts and graphs. The results can be generated into reports which are presented as Excel files. In education, it can be used for formative assessment or to measure achievement of learning outcomes among other things.

The TurningPoint sets can be loaned out via the Library.

The image below is an example of a TurningPoint slide showing some of its features and capabilities.

The key requirements to use the system are shown in the image below:

  • The TurningPoint software should be installed on the computer that is used to prepare the presentation as well as on the computer where the presentation will run from. NB: The software can be installed on a USB stick and run from there as well.
  • The dongle should be plugged into a USB port on the presentation computer before running the presentation.
  • The audience enters their responses to the multiple choice questions by pressing the corresponding buttons on the response devices/pads.
  • The PowerPoint presentation should be prepared within TurningPoint to ensure interactivity. Ordinary slides can be pasted into the TurningPoint system and charts added to make them interactive as described in this guide under the section entitled Using TurningPoint > Add Slides> Using PowerPoint slides.

Installing TurningPoint on your Windows PC

Before you start using TurningPoint, ensure that the system is installed on your computer.

  • To check if it is installed, from the Start menu on your computer, click on All Programs. Look for Turning Technologies, LLC from the list.

If it is not already installed, you can install in any of the following 2 ways:

Installing from the University network

On University computers, TurningPoint can be installed from the network via the UoD Software Portal.

  1. Double click the UoD Software Portal icon from your desktop.

    In the window that comes up, type in TurningPoint in the ‘Search Apps’ box.

  2. Click the Launch button.

    You will see a window with the status saying Running.

    When it’s finished the status will change to Ready.

Installing from the Internet

On a personal computer, you can install TurningPoint for free from the Internet.

  1. Go to the Turning Technologies website
    Open a web browser and enter the following address: www.turningtechnologies.com/responsesystemsupport/downloads/
    Click on the appropriate download button for the type of computer you are using, e.g., if you are using a Windows PC, click on the link for TurningPoint PC Install option. The TurningPoint PC No Install option is used to download to a USB stick.
  2. Registering your details
    Before you download the software, you are required to register your details.
    Fill in the registration form and select “Higher Education” under Industry.
    Click the Submit button on completion.
  3. Downloading the software
    On successful registration, you will now be able to download TurningPoint by clicking on the download icon.
  4. Starting the installation process
    From the bottom of the window, you will be given an option to either run the executable file or to save it.

    Click the Run button and you will be presented with the following InstallShield Wizard.

    Click the Next and then Install button.
    When installation is complete, click the Finish button.

Opening TurningPoint

  1. TurningPoint can be launched by double clicking the icon on the desktop or via the “Start” menu.
    Launching from the desktop
    Double click the TurningPoint icon on your computer desktop.
  2. Launching from the Start menu
    Alternatively, from the Start menu on your computer, click on TurningPoint from the list of programs that come up.If TurningPoint is not listed, from the Start menu on your computer, click on All Programs > Turning Technologies, LLC > TurningPoint > TurningPoint

    NB: You can just start typing the name into the Search bar and TurningPoint will be displayed in the list, and then just click on it from there.

Using TurningPoint

Before you can enjoy the benefits of TurningPoint, you need to create the interactive slides. You can choose to start with a variety of templates, and then customise them to suit your needs.

Creating Question Slides

Slides can be added by using the existing templates in TurningPoint or using existing PowerPoint slides with bulleted options.

Using templates

  • Click on New from the TurningPoint tool bar to add slides to your presentation.
  • Click on any of the desired templates from the drop down menu. The common templates useful for voting purposes are: Multiple Choice, True/False, Likert, and also Ice Breaker.
  • Edit the question text at the top section of the template and the answer options or choices as highlighted, entering the question text and options for your own question.
  • Pressing the Return/Enter button on the keyboard at the end of one answer option will take you to the next option up to a maximum of 10.

Using PowerPoint slides

  • You can copy any existing PowerPoint slides and paste them into your TurningPoint presentation. The options should be bulleted or numbered e.g.
  • To make the slides interactive, add charts or graphs as follows:
    • Click on Objects
    • Hover your mouse over Charts and select the desired chart.

      The chart gets added as illustrated below:
  • Repeat all the relevant steps to add slides until the required number of slides have been reached for your presentation.
    NB: Normal PowerPoint slides can be embedded within your interactive presentation, e.g. an introductory slide.

Reset Slides

NB: When the slides are added as described above, the charts will have default results. If these results are not cleared before the presentation is run, the slides will not be interactive. Results should also be cleared after a voting session to prepare the presentation for the next session.

  • Click on Reset to clear default results from your presentation.
  • Click on Session from the drop down menu to clear results from all the slides.
  • Click on Session from the drop down menu to clear the results after a voting session.
  • To clear results from just one slide or a few slides, select the slide(s) and then click on Reset, then Selected Slide(s) from the dropdown menu.
  • When all the results have been cleared, the charts will be reset to 0% for all options as shown below.

Run Presentation

Before you run the presentation, insert the dongle, i.e. the response receiver into a USB port on the presentation computer and give your audience the response devices.

  • Click on the Slide Show tab and then the From Beginning icon to run the presentation from the beginning.
    Once you arrive at an interactive slide, you should see the following TurningPoint bar showing that polling is open:

You can now invite your audience to vote:

  • The audience press the relevant buttons on the voting devices to select their responses.
  • Clicking anywhere on screen or pressing the space bar on the keyboard will close the poll.

  • Results for that question will be displayed graphically as in the screen below.
  • Move to the next slide in the normal way you do when running an ordinary PowerPoint presentation, e.g. clicking on the screen.

Testing Response Devices and Dongle Connections

The dongle receives responses from response devices which are set on the same channel as it is. This is normally channel 41. Before running a session, it is advisable to run a polling test to ensure all devices are recognised by the system.

To test the polling connections, follow the following steps:

  • Insert the dongle into the USB port of the presentation computer and open TurningPoint.
  • Click on Preferences.

  • In the panel that appears, click Connections.
  • The channel for the receiver will be displayed.
  • Click on the Test button and the Polling Test window opens.
  • Press any button on the response device. If the dongle and response devices are set at the same channel, the response will appear in the polling test window.


If a response is not recorded, try resetting the channel on it as follows:

  • On the response device, press the GO The light should start flashing red-green.
  • Press the buttons for the channel number, e.g. 4 then 1 for channel 41.
  • Press the GO button again. The light should stay green for a second or two.

That device is now synced to the channel number.  You must repeat the process for all other response devices that are not picked during the polling test.  It only takes a few seconds per device.

Generate Results

 If results for the voting session are needed, e.g. for evaluation and/or reporting purposes, they can be generated and saved as Excel, HTML, CVS, or PDF files.

  • Click on Reports.

That brings up the TurningPoint Reports window below:

  • Click Export and choose the format you want to save the results, e.g. Excel.

You can also choose to print the results straight away or save as PDF via Print>Preview.

Known Issues

Known Issues

  • If TurningPoint is opened while a PowerPoint file is already open, the slides will not be interactive.
  • Open TurningPoint first and then any other normal PowerPoint files.


TurningPoint voting system works with PowerPoint. Slides created in TurningPoint are interactive. The audience uses response devices to choose answers to multiple choice type questions that are displayed in a presentation. Results can be seen by the audience on the screen and they can be generated and presented in various formats e.g. Excel for reporting purposes. The TurningPoint system should be installed on the presentation computer.

A detailed user guide can be found by clicking this link http://help.turningtechnologies.com/TurningPointCloud/PC/