Blackboard assignments and Turnitin do basically the same thing, but each has different strengths and weaknesses.  Here is a list of those strengths and weaknesses

Blackboard Assignments

Turnitin assignments

Plagiarism Check Good Excellent
Plagiarism Check exclusions specific papers Bibliography, quotes, small matches, specific papers
Plagiarism Check access to matching papers No Yes for institutional repository, internet archive and journals
Show students similarity report Optional when not anonymised optional
Multiple file submissions yes no
File types that can be viewed inline Over 100 11
File types that can be annotated inline 4 11
File types that can be checked for similarity 9 11
Group submissions yes no
File size limit 500Mb or 3.5 hours of video 100 MB and 800 pages
Anonymous marking yes yes
Anonymous marking transparent to students yes no
Can reveal anonymous students names no Yes and it is logged
Can delegate marking of anonymous assignments yes Yes through Turnitin assignment by groups (in Blackboard)
Allow re-submissions Yes can restrict number of resubmissions Yes can’t restrict number of resubmissions
Can access previously submitted papers on re-submission yes no
Can submit on the students behalf no Yes but name is de-anonymised
Students can see rubric Optional with or without scoring Always when applied to assessment
Can add a secondary rubric yes no
Automatically posted results on post date no yes
Can set date for de-anonymization Yes but it is always midnight No it’s the same as post date
Allows submission after due date Always but can be restricted through submission point availability optional
               Quickmarks No Yes
In line grading Drawing, comments, highlighting Quickmarks, comments, highlighting, striking out
Audio feedback Not quite yet 3 minutes
Full formatting text in feedback optional Limited to bold, italic, and underlined
                     Video feedback Yes by embedding Panopto no
Attach files to feedback yes Only through an external URL
Bulk file download Through grade centre yes
Download graded papers Not yet yes
Grading report Through grade centre yes
Can mark on a mobile device Not yet IPad only
Can mark on a mobile device offline No IPad only



Blackboard Rubrics

Turnitin Rubrics

Criteria descriptions No Yes
Scale Ranges Yes No
Point Ranges Yes No
Grading forms Indirectly with 1 column Yes
Rubrics belong to The Module The User
Hide rubric scoring Yes No
Import from excel No Yes
Link comments to rubric criterion No Yes
Add text feedback for each criterion Yes Only with grading forms