The university works with a number of students in various different roles. CELT also work with students and here you can see who some of these students are.

Our Digital Media Producers work with academics to create digital content.

and our Student Digital Learning Officers work with us to support staff and students in developing their digital skills.


Name: Nathan Addai  

Job title: Student Digital Learning Officer 

Department: Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching 

About: I am artisticambitious and like new challenges. Engaging with different types of people is fulfilling for me. I am interested in the multi-faceted capabilities of technology, which is the primary reason I became a Student Digital Learning Officer. 

So far what I like about the role is that I am part of a welcoming staff team, and can share my knowledge of digital media and the university’s technological tools with other students to enrich their digital learning. Sharing knowledge and empowering others is so important to me, and I believe this role is a great opportunity for me to do that. 

I have some experience in video editing as well as my specialism of 2D digital animation. I have a strong background in fine art and on rare occasions I find the time, I like to do my own paintings. Other hobbies I have include reading, making audio content (e.g. music, podcasting) and volunteering in church teams. Challenging conventions is what motivates me! 

Qualifications: BA (Hons) Animation 

Recent experience:  University of Derby Student Ambassador and Welcome Host/Hero.

Shortlisted in RSA Student Design Awards 2019 and BBC Radio 4 Student Journalist of the Year Awards 2019 



Name: Kevin Cheruparambil

Job title: Digital Media Producer

Department: Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching

About: A typical day at work for me consists of researching, planning, filming, editing and occasional meetings for project developments.

Qualifications: Media Production, BA

Recent experience: Recently worked with Rams TV (Derby County FC) on a Goggle Box style project. 






Name: Oliver Evenden 

Job title:  Student Digital Learning Officer  

Department:  Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching 

About: I am quite a busy individual, currently working two jobs (Working in the University car park and being a SDLO), so you could say that I enjoy being on the go. When I’m not working or studying you can usually find me gaming as this is a huge passion for me and the reason, I chose to study Computer Games Programming as well as playing and Captaining one of the University's Esports teams. 

Qualifications: I have previously tutored Maths during my time in Sixth Form. 

Recent Experience: Maths Tutor, IT technician. 


Name: Joe Haigh

Job title: Derby University Student Digital Learning Officer

Department: Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching

About: I'm working with the team working on the PebblePad platform. This is a digital learning tool which allows users to record their experiences and activities and provides a space for reflection and personal development. The tool can also be used to submit course assignments and reflect on work experience activities.

Qualifications: I am studying Cyber Security at the University of Derby which I am finding really interesting and complex.  I have been interested in technology and computers from a very young age and I am really glad to have the opportunity to learn about the security mechanisms of modern technology, how to protect technological infrastructure and the ways of ensuring personal data is protected which are all really exciting parts of modern computing for me.  




Name: Barbora Horackova

Job title: Digital Media Producer

Department: Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching

About: I am passionate, creative, motivated and also an international Digital Marketing student who loves video creation, social media marketing, graphic design, listening to music and travelling around the World. I enjoy gathering precious work experiences, which leads to my future dreams. I am not afraid to be different!

Qualifications: Marketing (Digital) BSc (Hons)

Recent experience:
- Digital Media Producer
- Internship as a Social Media Marketer 






Name: Rupa Kotak

Job title: Digital Media Producer

Department: Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching

About: I live quite a busy lifestyle, with two jobs (I work part time at Tesco Express as a customer assistant as well as a Digital Media Producer at CELT), so everyday there is something new going on, it's non-stop! When I get the chance to have a bit of "me time," I like to relax, read a good book and have a cup of tea. I love travelling at least once a year. So far I have been to; Spain (nearly all the Balearic and Canary Islands), Florida, Paris, Portugal, Cyprus, India, and many more! I value family and friends a lot, I think it is very important to spend time with them and catch up.
I think that being part of the CELT team and being a Digital Media Producer has improved my skills in many ways; from camera and editing skills to time management and organisational skills. I also like this job because it definitely brings me out of comfort zone to explore different areas around the job.

Qualifications: I am currently a third year, studying Media Production which involves cinematography, script writing and editing, at the moment, me and my group on my course are currently in the process of producing a short film which I will be editing, called "World Through a Window." 

Recent experience: Recently, I have been very fortunate to get the chance to be a runner on the set of a BBC1 daytime soap called "Doctors," I thought this was great experience for me to learn behind the scenes of TV/Soap set, working closely with the director and other departments of the set such as, lighting and sound. This experience has given me the motivation to aim high in the media industry and I hope to get a job in this sort of field.






Name: Tadiwa Mutasa

Job title: Derby University Digital Media Producer

Department: Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching

About: This job involves producing high quality media to support teaching and learning across the university. In order to do this, media projects are created in the most effective manner. This involves developing scriptwriting, filming, editing and sound recording. The best bit of the job is creating unique and engaging video content, that is both educational and aesthetically pleasing to watch. This content then educates students in a new and experiential way.

Qualifications:  Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Marketing (Consumer Psychology)

Recent experience:
- Social Media Advisor – Pentagon Motor Dealer Group, Derby
- Social media Campaigns
- Video creation
- Marketing sales campaigns
- Content marketing 
- Digital marketing
- Consumer analysis 





Name: Roma Raju

Job title: Digital Media Producer

Department: Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching 

About: There's never a typical day, one day I could be filming, another day editing or sending follow-up emails and that's why job is so exciting because there's so much new, different things each day. The best part of the job is being able to be creative as possible on a project, finding entertaining ways to deliver content, knowing that what you create WILL be used around the university. 

Qualifications: I study Media Productions and I am currently working alongside a company in Derby to create video content that they can use on their Social Media. 






Name: Rose Seneviratne 

Job Title: Student Digital Learning Officer 

Department: Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching 

About: I am passionate about education! I believe knowledge plays a pivotal role in dispelling ignorance, intolerance, and inequality. The technological advancements made in the higher education sector is of personal relevance to me as a student and as a prospective academic. In my downtime, I enjoy writing, binge-watching my favourite shows and going for walks. 

Qualifications: BSc (Hons) Psychology (1:1), MRes in Psychology  

Recent Experience: I worked as a Graduate Teaching Assistant after completing my undergraduate studies. This allowed me to teach at an undergraduate level and act as Module Leader for Level 4 and 5 modules - 'Introduction to Psychology', 'Motivation and Emotion' and 'Personality'. I have been teaching and practicing meditation for several years and conduct workshops on mindfulness to support mental wellbeing through my independent project "Still Mind Mental Wellbeing".