This series of guides are designed to help you use Smart Assessor to record and share key information about your apprentice’s progress in gaining the knowledge, skills and behaviours and , in some cases, occupational competency, in order to meet the Apprenticeship Standard.

You do not need to be familiar with every aspect of Smart Assessor  (which provides a comprehensive set of guidance materials within the system) and so, to hopefully make it easier for you, we have made a short list of the key areas that you need to know about. They appear under the “Essential” area of the guidance; others useful areas are listed under “Other Guides”.

There are two key areas that you will be involved in:

  1. Reviewing  and verifying evidence that is uploaded by an apprentice  and
  2. Contributing to the Tripartite reviews

The key areas of Smart Assessor that  are linked to undertaking these tasks appear in the “Essential” area, and you need to be familiar with how to do this, both to help you and potentially to support your apprentice

You may choose to use some of the other functions within smart assessor,  perhaps, for example, to keep a record of the  meetings that you have with your apprentices ( that are not the tripartite reviews). Information on other functionality that may be useful to you is listed in the “Other Guides” section.

For a comprehensive help guide on every aspect of Smart Assessor log into Smart Assessor click on the support tab then the knowledge base tab.

Essential Guides

Other Guides