Dear colleague,

The Course Resources template has been refreshed for 2019-2020 (upgrade is on 7 & 8 July). This page lists the details of the changes, and provides some instructions on two important new processes you must follow.

1 External Examiners

Staff are no longer permitted to provide content for external examiners in a student accessible area on Course Resources. Up until now, an External Examiners area has been created on the left navigation menu. This has been exposed to students accidentally, resulting in inappropriate access to confidential data.

From July 2019 staff must use the External Examiners folder in each module’s content collection to store content for external examiners. This ensures that students are unable to access the content, but staff and externals can.

Please read the guidance on how to use Content Collection External Examiners folders here.

2 Provisional Grades and Feedback (hiding grades correctly)

The Provisional Grades and Feedback link leads to the Grade centre where students can view their grades which have been entered into Turnitin, Blackboard assignments or tests.

Up until now this has been hidden from student view on the website version of Course Resources. However, the Blackboard student app allows access to the Grade centre by default, and cannot be changed.

This has resulted in grades being visible to students before the intended release date due to the grade columns not being hidden correctly in Grade centre.

From July 2019 the Course Resources template will have the link to Provisional Grades and Feedback visible by default. In order to hide grades from students before release date you must correctly hide the Grade centre column.

You can find instructions on how to hide grade columns here.

Template layout and explanation

The 2019 template should be familiar to you. However we have removed some areas and added others to take advantages of some of the tools that are available.

Please view the overview document here (pdf).

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact CELT: or x1865.

We are always listening, and welcome your feedback.

A provisional template layout was sent for comment to staff between April and June 2019. It was modified based on several comments.

The UDOL template is separate and different to the on-campus version. This explanation applies to the on-campus version only.