This pages provides links to instructions on how to use Panopto for Lecture Recording.

Essential steps for Tutors

How to make a recording (PC)

How to make a recording (Mac)

How to add recordings to a folder (e.g. Study materials) in Course Resources

Other features

Sharing and folder management

Lockdown folder: Creating a folder only specific people can access. Useful for storing videos of student presentations or videos that students can’t see but specific people like external examiners can.

Setting up and sharing audio video feedback Setup a private folder in the module which students can’t see, record feedback to it, then share the recordings with students so they can view their own feedback.

Change the folder of your Panopto recording If you recorded in the wrong folder and want to change it (e.g from Module A to Module B, or from My Folder to a module).

Sharing recordings across modules If you want to copy recordings to other modules; or make all recordings from a module available in other modules.

Sharing recordings between modules video Shows how to add one module’s recordings to another.

Sharing Panopto recordings in email or websites How to get an email link or embed code. Share a recording with people inside the University, or make it publically accessible.

Uploading media to Panopto, and sharing links, embed codes and moving media to Course Resource modules.


Editing a recording using your web browser Trim start and end, and slice from the middle. Useful if you want to cut out bloopers etc.


Setting up an Assignment folder If you want students to make a Panopto recording for an assessment. Includes Peer review option. Tutor’s notes.

Recording an Assignment and submitting to a Module’s Panopto assignment folder Student guide on how to create and submit an assignment in Panopto in a Module. Share with students to help them make and submit the recording.

For students

Using Panopto Lecture Recordings effectively Aimed mainly at students, but useful for tutors to know about the features.


Creating and embedding a playlist of Panopto content into a module.

Stats on how many people have seen your video Number of views, length of views, name of viewer.

Understand how the Panopto system works Overview of the way Panopto’s servers work and their connection to the University. How to install the recording app on your PC or Mac.

Recording on Android/ipad/iphone How to record using apps.