Structured Approach

Using PebblePad in a structured way means you will be giving students a portfolio to fill in and complete.  You will be giving them instructions of what evidence they need to provide and/or asking them questions that they will need to give answers to within their portfolio.

An example of what this might look like, is the BSc (Hons) Nursing Portfolio

There are two elements within PebblePad that will enable you to take this structured approach, workbooks and templates.  A workbook is made up of lots of ‘pages’ that students need to complete.  A template is a single ‘page’ or form that a student may need to use frequently to record information or use to aid  reflection.


Click here for information about templates, how to use the PebblePad templates, how to build your own templates and use them with your students


Click here for information about workbooks and how to build them

Next steps

Set up an ATLAS workspace for students workbooks to be automatically submitted to

Add your workbook and/or templates to Resources on the workspace within ATLAS

Ensure you have provided a link for PebblePad for your students on Course Resources

Introduce your students to PebblePad

Manage assessment and feedback of students work