What are wikis?

Wikis are a means by which users can easily collaborate create and edit interlinked web pages – with a track of edits made by the students.  Wikis are most often used as a collaborative work space, and/or a resource site. They are media-rich spaces which allow students to create and engage with text-based formats, images, video and sound.

Why would I use wikis with my students?

  • To facilitate student centered activities based on the creation of materials with other students supporting deeper learning of the subject.
  • Develop student’s communication and critical thinking skills in the collaboration and building of knowledge with others.
  • Wikis can be referred back to, to review and recall information. They can also be further built on and contributed to by students over a period of time as their knowledge and understanding of the subject progresses.
  • Provide feedback to students about knowledge and understanding demonstrated using  the wiki tool along with an individual grade and feedback on individual contributions.

How do I use wikis with my students?

The University of Derby has technology which can support the use of Wiki. This includes Course Resources, Office 365 and Google Sites.

The wiki tool in Course Resources (Blackboard) can be used to create two types of wikis.

  • Module Wiki (all students on the module can contribute)
  • Group Wiki (all students within a group can contribute)

Good Practice

Accessibility Notes

Accessibility of the content on the wiki needs careful consideration. For more information please contact a member of the Learning Technology team