Spectacles and vertebrate zoology

Image from: Sigfrid Lundberg shared under CC BY-SA 2.0

“Assistive technology is technology used by individuals with disabilities in order to perform functions that might otherwise be difficult or impossible. Assistive technology can include mobility devices such as walkers and wheelchairs, as well as hardware, software, and peripherals that assist people with disabilities in accessing computers or other information technologies.” (AccessIT, 2012).

It is important that you are aware of the assistive technologies that students may use to access various learning resources at UoD.

Although there are many different assistive technologies this resource will focus on those which assist students in accessing computers or other technologies. Select the name of the assistive technology to find out more about it.

Computer Systems and browsers

At the University of Derby the Student Wellbeing Service provides a wide range of support for disabled students including DSA (Disabled Student Allowance) study needs assessment which helps to identify assistive technology to aid the student.


Access IT (2012) What is assistive technology? [online] (5 November 2012). No longer available.